What would happen if someone drank too much water? Know how much is it right to drink daily?

What If Someone Drink Too Much Water: Water is one of the primary requirements of the body. Along with life, it is also most important for our health. The share of water in our life is such that almost 60 percent of the body is made up of water. It works to carry nutrients throughout the body and also does the work of removing toxins. After hearing so many benefits of water, now you must be thinking that then we should drink a lot of water. In such a situation, the question arises that what will happen if someone drinks excessive water with this thought?

drinking too much water is harmful

Our body gets many benefits from water, so it does not mean that you get down only after drinking too much water. See, excess of anything is not good. Similarly, excessive drinking of water can also be harmful to your health. The problem caused by drinking too much water is called overhydration in the language of medical science.

problem with drinking too much water

Drinking too much water also affects our kidneys. In such a situation, there is a problem for those people, whose kidneys are not able to take the water out of the body. If you are drinking 3 to 4 liters of water in a very short time, then you may have a disease like hyponatremia.

In such a situation, the amount of sodium in the blood starts decreasing in your body. Due to which swelling in the brain, disease like coma and even your death can also happen.

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There may be weakness or cramps in the muscles

It is seen that women start drinking more water knowing the benefits of water. But by drinking excessive water, the hormones of women can also get messed up. Apart from this, there can be problems like high blood pressure and difficulty in breathing. If the amount of water in the body increases excessively, there may be a problem of weakness or cramps in the muscles.

How much water should be drunk in a day?

That is why it is very important to know how much water you should drink throughout the day. By the way, everyone’s body has a different system. We feel hungry and thirsty according to that. When there is a shortage of food or water in the body, the body starts indicating it. That is why it is said that one should drink as much water as one feels thirsty. Generally, a healthy man should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day to keep the body healthy.

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