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Who is most at risk of dying from dengue fever?

Dengue fever: After the scorching heat, the rain arrived. But as you know, as the weather changes, the incidence of many diseases also increases. The menace of mosquitoes also increases in this season. It is for this reason that the dengue epidemic is also increasing. The question now is, which people are most at risk of contracting dengue?

Dengue wreaks havoc during the rainy season

As soon as the rains arrive, the ravages of dengue fever begin to intensify. In such a situation, one must be careful with children. It often happens that people do not take mosquito bites as seriously as they should and thus suffer huge losses. According to health experts, no one is at greater risk of contracting dengue fever than children. Once a child contracts dengue, the chances of death increase significantly compared to adults.

It is at this age that children are most at risk of dengue fever.

Children aged 5 to 10 are most at risk of dengue fever. According to a study published in Science Direct, more than 80 percent of children suffering from dengue are under the age of 9. In this, the maximum number of boys was observed compared to girls. According to research, the number of deaths due to dengue is highest among children under 5 years old.

The number of deaths from dengue fever is 4 times higher among children. According to the World Health Organization, many cases of dengue are very fatal. However, if the person does not receive treatment on time, it can also lead to death. 44 percent of deaths are due to two serious dengue infections. The first is dengue hemorrhagic fever and the second is dengue shock syndrome.

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Dengue Symptoms in Children

High fever, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, shock, rash

Low immunity in children

Children’s immunity is lower than that of adults. Therefore, children should especially be given foods that will keep their immunity strong. Because if children remain weak, they will not be able to cope with dengue fever.

Why are children more afraid of dengue?

Dengue is diagnosed late in children

The first symptom of dengue is fever. Its symptoms appear in children after a long time. In this case, platelets begin to fall rapidly.

easy prey for mosquitoes

Children are bitten by dengue mosquitoes when they go out to play. In such a situation, whenever your child goes out, make sure that he or she is dressed properly.

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