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Why are the cases of heart attack increasing in women, know how to avoid this disease?

How to Prevent Heart Attack In Women: Along with men, women should also take great care of their health. Especially the changes that occur in the body of women, they are more prone to many such diseases than men which become trouble for them. Women also need to take great care of their heart. Earlier it was said that women are less prone to heart attack or heart-related diseases, but it is not that doctors believe that women should also take care of their heart. Cases of heart attack are increasing especially among women in cities. In such a situation, if ladies want to avoid heart attack, then definitely take preventive steps.

Why are the cases of heart attack increasing in women?

1- Heart disease is now engulfing women too. Heart attacks account for 16.9% of deaths, especially in cities.

2- Before menopause, the hormone estrogen released from the body from the lady increases HDL ie good cholesterol and controls bad cholesterol ie LDL, but after menopause, this hormone stops coming out, due to which the cholesterol of women increases.

3- If you have diabetes, PCOS and have increased triglyceride, then it also needs to be controlled very quickly because that too is responsible for heart attack. Especially after 65, women’s HDL ie good cholesterol decreases and triglycerides increase which can cause heart attack.

4- Apart from these, the cases of obesity, hypertension have also increased in women in the last few years, due to which the cases of heart attack have also increased.

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How to stop heart attack?

1- Keep your life straight free in preventive care and get regular heart screening after 40. Get BP and sugar tested, lipid profile, HBA1C and ECG done.
2- Do any exercise for an hour. Do whatever workout you like and take full care of fitness.
3- Reduce junk food, cholesterol-increasing, diabetic food completely from the food.
4- Keep stress, weight and obesity under control. If all these three remain under control, then you will be saved from many other diseases as well.
5- If there is sugar or BP or any other disease, then take its medicines on time.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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