Why Did Priyanka Chopra Rub Garlic On The Soles Of Her Feet? You’ll Be Surprised To Know The Benefits.

Benefits of Garlic: Actress Priyanka Chopra injured herself while shooting for her film ‘The Bluff’ in Australia, after which she rubbed garlic cloves on the soles of her feet. He mentioned this in a video. After which questions started to arise: what happens if you rub garlic on the soles of your feet? What are its benefits? Can garlic be helpful in recovering from this type of injury? Let us know the answers to all these questions…

Benefits of rubbing garlic on soles
The home remedy used by Priyanka Chopra is also accepted by science. You can get many benefits by doing this. According to a research report, every time a garlic clove is cut or crushed, alliin comes in contact with the enzyme alliinase, due to which allicin is formed. It enters the bloodstream through the skin to prevent infections, recover muscles, maintain low blood sugar levels, control cholesterol, blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of cancer.

Benefits of Rubbing Garlic on Soles

1. Beneficial for joints and muscles
Garlic paste patches can relieve joint and muscle pain. It helps prevent swelling and relieves pain. If you have foot problems from constant walking, garlic may be helpful.

2. Protection against fungal infections
There is a risk of fungal infection of the feet on rainy days. This can increase pain, swelling, and pus in the feet. In such a situation, rubbing raw garlic on the soles can bring a lot of relief.

3. Cold and Fever Relief
If you want to relieve colds and coughs that occur after getting wet in the rain, you can rub your feet with garlic. Thanks to this, the body receives adequate warmth and can avoid damage caused by the cold.

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4. Helps manage diabetes
For people whose blood sugar levels often spike, applying crushed garlic to their feet can quickly reduce their sugar levels. Garlic can have many other benefits. It has many medicinal properties.

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