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Becoming a mother is one of life’s greatest joys. Nature gave this power only to women so that they could develop a part of themselves and their love in the womb, give birth to them and continue the family tradition. But some women do not achieve this happiness throughout their lives and fail to become mothers. After marriage, when every girl dreams about her future, she also thinks about having a little baby on her lap. Infertility often shatters their dreams. Let us tell you why some women fail to conceive and have children.




1. Irregular periods can be caused by-




rules for getting pregnant Regular You have to have it. Due to irregular periods, women sometimes find it difficult to become mothers. If you can’t conceive, then hormones Also have your levels checked. Imbalance in hormonal levels leads to problems with ovulation and conception. Have prolactin hormone, anti-Muliron hormone, and estrogen hormone tested. HCG and x-ray are done to check this.




2. There may be a lump in the uterus due to:




when the uterus Muscles When additional abnormal growth begins, it is called fibroids. This is a type of tumor that does not cause cancer. In case of fibroid problem infertility There may be a situation. In fact, in fibroids there are problems such as bleeding more frequently than normal during menstruation, severe pain during intercourse, vaginal bleeding during intercourse, bleeding even after menstruation. Due to these problems, the egg and Sperm They are unable to get along, leading to infertility. therefore to a large extent fibroma Also responsible for infertility.

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3. Tubal diseases can cause infertility.




About 15 to 18 percent of infertility cases are due to tubal diseases alone. Tubal disease is a problem in which your fallopian tube The fallopian tubes close or become damaged. Due to the blockage of this tube, there is a design problem. Investigate once you get information about it.




4. Infertility can also occur due to illness.




hypertension Hypertension and high blood pressure are usually diseases that affect older people, but at present this problem is rapidly worsening among young people as well, leading to an increase in infertility cases as well. tuberculosis, diabetespolysystemic ovarian Due to the disease, the ovulation process is affected and infertility increases.




5. Infertility due to bad habits




Sperm quality is affected by excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and steroids. On the one hand, smoking reduces the sperm count, on the other hand, alcohol consumption reduces the production of the hormone testosterone. Apart from this, the problem of infertility is also getting worse due to the excessive use of medications including antibiotics.




6. Not being able to become a mother because of the environment and food.




Infertility cases are increasing due to modern lifestyle and irregular eating habits. Pollution and toxins 45-48 percent infertility Cases have multiplied. fast food and junk food Pesticides present in food Body There is a hormonal imbalance that can lead to infertility. Therefore, change your diet and nutrient Eat food.

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7. Difficulty becoming a mother due to obesity-




Obesity can also cause infertility problems. Due to being overweight, many types of problems begin to arise and affect the woman. the reproduction Affects ability. Apart from this, women People whose weight is lower than normal may also have this problem. So if your weight If it is more, try to reduce it and if the weight is less, increase it.





8. Thyroid problem-




If the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, it leads to problems during pregnancy. thyroid T3, T4 and TSH tests are done to check. These tests reveal whether your thyroid gland is overactive. When this gland becomes overactive, it becomes an obstacle between ovulation and pregnancy.





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