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Why is air pollution dangerous for babies in the womb? Gomedii | Air pollution is very dangerous for the unborn child in hindi

Shocking research has been revealed regarding the effects of air pollution. It has been reported that the risk of high blood pressure is higher in children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of air pollution between the sixth and ninth months of their pregnancy. “This is the first study to show that breathing polluted air during pregnancy has a direct impact on the baby’s heart rate throughout childhood,” said Noel T Mueller, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Impacts | in many cities of India. Due to this, not only asthma patients but also pregnant women face problems.




Why is air pollution dangerous for children?




Air pollution Pm 2.5 produced by the combustion of motor vehicles, oil, coal or biofuels and caused by humans Health But this has dangerous effects.




Heart disease linked to high blood pressure



Mueller, the lead author of the study published in the journal Hypertension, said: “If someone as a child Children If a child develops high blood pressure, the problem of high blood pressure persists even into adulthood and this high blood pressure Heart It causes other serious illnesses related to diabetes. For this study, researchers looked at 1,293 mothers and their babies who were part of the Boston Birth Cohort Study.





India is one of the most polluted countries in the world




India is one of the most polluted countries in the world. And air pollution is considered the biggest threat to India’s health. The University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute quality A report was prepared based on the Life Index. It has been said in this report that if India strives to reduce air pollution as per the standards of the World Health Organization.

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The life expectancy of the country’s inhabitants can increase by an average of four years. While meeting national standards, people across the country can live on average one year longer. The population of India is around 133 million and in such a situation, if the average age of each resident of our country increases by 4 years. So, overall, the lifespan will increase by 532 crore years.



If Delhi, the country’s capital, follows WHO rules Compliance If we do this, the people who live here will be able to live nine years longer. Whereas if the national rules related to air pollution in Delhi are followed, the age of people can increase by 6 years. In this report, the complete list of the 50 most polluted districts in the country Raw-The letter has been delivered. And it was said that if all these districts follow WHO and national standards for air pollution.



The age of the people living there will therefore increase. The name Delhi is definitely there. Besides, there are also names of many cities and districts like Agra, Bareilly, Lucknow, Kanpur, Muzaffarpur, Sitapur, Patna and Azamgarh. If India’s national standards are met, the lifespan of people in these districts can increase from three and a half years to six years.



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