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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – Solving The "catch 22" fast fat loss

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a new product from men’s fitness trainer Joel Marion. And he claims to have found a solution to the “Catch-22” of rapid fat loss.

The problem with losing a lot of fat fast, commonly known as crash diets, is that your body hates them.

In plain English, your body doesn’t like long-term and dramatic calorie restriction. This triggers a condition known as “starvation mode” and your body begins to retain (not lose) as much fat as possible because it is receiving the message that “food is scarce”.. It also requires a great amount of sacrifice on your part, and the results are rarely or never worth the cost.

The “Catch-22” is, in other words, that a drastic reduction in caloric intake causes your body to fight back against your fat-reducing effort.

The Extreme Fat Loss Diet is different.

According to the Essentials Promoted sales page, this diet will allow you to lose 25 pounds in 25 days. Sounds too good to be true, right? Especially considering what I just told you about the problem with crash diets. But Joel Marion insists that this is not just talk, and that he has actually discovered facts that provide a solution to this challenge. And he calls it “strategic synergy”.

If there was anyone who preached this gospel, I would reject it in a heartbeat. But because he’s a trusted advisor to Men’s Fitness magazine and has apparently also been featured on several TV shows, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

In creating Extreme Fat Loss Diet, Joel says he read 878 research papers, worked with over 700 customers and focused solely on solving this urgent problem.

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So what exactly does strategic synergy mean?

Well, from what I can tell it’s about implementing strategic “cheat days,” days every fifth, in which you purposefully skip your dietary restrictions. It’s like a well-placed timeout between workouts that optimizes your body’s natural fat-burning ability. This is the key to the Extreme Fat Loss Diet… So in essence it’s about using a sort of interval-approach and doing 5-day cycles of focused, SMART eating…

Source by Eric T. Clayton

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