You are being fooled in the name of oil! Know what is mineral oil which causes cancer

Nowadays, there are different types of products available in the market for hair. Especially oil. If your hair is falling or breaking, then there are many oils available in the market to stop them, but do they really benefit. The bigger thing than being beneficial is whether these oils are as they claim. Think of it like this, if an oil company is claiming that it is selling almond oil, does it really have 100% almond oil in its bottle?

What’s up Jhol?

Today I saw many vials of oil lying in the house, some of them were Amla oil, some were almond oil and some were other types of hair oil. All these were different types of oil, but one thing was common in all of them and that was mineral oil. Actually, the oil manufacturing companies sell Amla oil, Almond oil, but they use more than 75 percent mineral oil in this oil. Means the name of almond and amla, but the oil present in it is mineral oil. If you also have an oil bottle at home, you can check it now, as soon as you look at the ingredients written on the back of the oil bottle, you will see clear mineral oil in it.

What is mineral oil?

Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product. That is, it comes out of the ground. This is not good for your hair from anywhere. This oil can enter your body with the help of scalp and can harm you. According to a report published on the website of the National Cancer Institute, this mineral oil causes nonmelanoma skin cancer. This skin cancer is very dangerous. Therefore, to avoid this, you should not apply oil with mineral oil.

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