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You do not eat too much cashew at a relative’s place or in a party, its disadvantages are scary

Side Effects Of Eating Cashew: Eating cashew is considered very beneficial. There is a lot of protein in it. Along with this, minerals and iron are also plentiful. Apart from this, folage, magnesium, selenium, anti-oxidants are also not reduced in it. Despite that, eating cashew after a certain limit can be harmful. Usually go to someone’s house or go to some function. And, when dry fruits come in front there, most of the people start eating dry fruits without stopping. If you are also one of them, then you should also understand the disadvantages of eating more cashews. By eating more cashews than the body needs in a single day, you may have to face many problems.

fear of upset stomach

Cashews are a bit heavy to digest. The amount of calories in it is also very high. If you eat cashew continuously then you may have a problem of indigestion. Or, while feeling heaviness, you can also be a victim of nervousness.

fear of gaining weight

As we have already told that cashew contains a good amount of calories. If you eat 3 to 4 cashews at a time, then you consume 163 calories. Also unsaturated fats. If you are working hard for weight loss, then it will be better if you eat cashew less.

Fear of increasing sodium

Cashews are high in sodium. If you eat salted cashews, then only 3 to 4 cashews can give you 87 mg of sodium. Due to excess sodium, along with blood pressure, the risk of stroke, heart and kidney problems also increases.

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fear of allergies

Cashew does not suit many people. Due to this, the fear of allergy is created. After eating cashew, you see hives sprung up in the body. If there is difficulty in breathing or there is a complaint of vomiting, diarrhoea, then do not get greedy for cashew nuts.

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