YouTube Channel Aids Competence Building for Remote Area Doctors

The Uttar Pradesh Health Department has adopted YouTube as a platform for continuing medical education and professional development of government doctors posted in remote areas (1 Reliable source
UP uses YouTube for distance medical education of government doctors

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Shukrawar ki Shyam, Doctors ke Naam is released

Partha Sarthi Sensharma, principal secretary of the medical health and family welfare department, announced the launch of a YouTube channel named “Shukrawar ki Shyam, Doctors ke Naam”.

Specialist doctors deliver demonstration and PPT presentations every Friday at 6 pm, with live participation from hundreds of doctors and subsequent viewings by a wider audience.

More than 15 episodes have aired focusing on crucial topics such as the management of acute chest pain, diabetes, hypertensionskin diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (EPOC), addressing essential knowledge gaps to improve the delivery of health services in provincial cities through digital connectivity.


  1. UP uses YouTube for remote medical education of government doctors – (


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