Diabetes Type 1 in Children: Symptoms And Preventive Measures to Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Home Lifestyle Diabetes Type 1 in Children: Symptoms, Causes And Preventive Measures to Manage Blood Sugar Levels Diabetes Type 1 in Children: It is a life-long autoimmune disease that prevents your pancreas from making insulin. It requires daily management with insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring. Diabetes Type 1 in Children: Symptoms, Causes And … Read more

Uttar Pradesh Allows Diabetic Kids to Carry Insulin to School

In addition, the child may participate in sports as per medical advice.Medical equipment will be permissible to be taken in examination halls, said the government spokesman.Children suffering from Type-1 diabetes who are appearing in school exams and other competitive exams can be given a few exemptions. These include the permission to carry sugar tablets with … Read more

Nutritional recommendations for type 1 diabetes in children

type one Diabetes Mellitus is an autoimmune condition characterized by insulin deficiency and hyperglycemia in people with underlying genetic susceptibility. Diagnosis is established based on tests, fasting blood glucose (FBS), oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), or random plasma glucose (along with characteristic signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia), using the following standards recommended … Read more

The reason behind the increasing incidence of diabetes in children

Diabetes: Diabetes is one of the biggest problems of today’s era. Many people in India are facing this problem. Be it children or adults, all are becoming victims of diabetes. Statistics show that in the last few years, this disease has increasingly started making children its victims. There can be many reasons behind this, but … Read more

Diabetes in Kids: Symptoms, Warning Signs And Can it be Reversed?

Diabetes in children: Diabetes is a health condition characterized by high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. This happens because either the body does not have enough of a hormone called insulin or it does not respond to insulin properly. Both adults and children can suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that is not … Read more