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Ketodietcenter is giving our readers, bloggers, and professionals the opportunity to share their expertise and interests with our content creation community. We are looking for experts and enthusiasts on any health or fitness-related topic to write for us.

We welcome Article submissions from writers, bloggers, and other content creators who wish to share their ideas, interests, and knowledge with our visitors. Contents covered should be related to Medicine, Health & Fitness, Durable Medical Equipment, health tips, healthy eating tips, etc.

Join our community of thousands of visitors who want to get help from publishers in order to solve their problems. By writing for us, your business has the potential to reach thousands of niche-specific audiences in relevant categories.

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Article Submission General Guidelines

  • Your post must be well written, SEO optimized, original, and must be plagiarized free
  • Only topic-based articles providing valuable information and helping the readers will be considered.
  • Please check the post before you start writing to avoid creating a post on a topic already covered on this site. Or else You can reach us if you are unable to find any topic
  • Our blog only accepts English articles so posts should be written in English language only
  • Try to be creative and helpful while creating the post
  • The word count must be 500 or more.
  • You can provide a brief biography and introduce yourself to your readers.
  • Include the related images, screenshots, and videos(If needed) in your article. Also, create a catchy image to be used as a ‘featured image’
  • Share your post to your social media profiles once published.

In short, to write a post with us:

  • Make sure you meet all of the above guidelines and requirements.
  • Send your post in a Word document format to our mentioned Email, including your name, location, and blog URL

We don’t accept these topics

  • Articles related to cross-selling products recommendation etc. are strictly not allowed.
  • Articles related to vaping, casinos, CBD, drugs, pills, abusive content, and hardcore politics are also not allowed.
  • We don’t accept any content related to pills, porn, gambling, vaping, casinos or payday loans, etc.
  • We do not accept promotional or affiliate links.
  • We strictly prohibit trading and selling links

Content Merge policy

We value our readers. So we want to provide them with the best value from the posts. As a result, we or our author group have full rights to alter/delete or modify and finally merge the articles. These mergers are based on the same content spread over multiple posts.

Note: We can put redirections, to the correct resources(if needed) so that your valuable efforts do not get wasted. This may also help Google to point the correct resource for many search queries.

Rejection policy

  • Our author panel will take the final decision on publishing the articles.
  • The link validity is subject to the author panel’s decision. The author panel decision will be final.
  • All duplicate content will be rejected. We will try to notify you via email in case your article is rejected.