तेजी से घटाना है वजन तो डाइट में शामिल कर लें काबुली चना, ये है खाने का सही समय

साउथ सिनेमा सेरोगेसी से लेकर प्राइवेट तस्वीरें लीक होने तक, श्रीराम को मांसाहारी बताने से पहले इन विवादों में फंस चुकी हैं नयनतारा Source link

Chickpea helps in weight loss, include it in your diet from today

Kabuli Chana Benefits: Due to today’s lifestyle, weight gain has become a common problem. People adopt different tricks to control weight. People sweat in the gym for hours and hours for weight loss. Improve your diet. If you are also trying to lose weight, then Chickpeas can help you. If you include it properly in … Read more

The treasure of health is hidden in protein-rich chickpeas

Nutritional facts of kabuli chana: Chickpeas are as delicious to eat as they are nutritious. It contains good amounts of protein and vitamin B6, along with a good amount of nutrients like folate, manganese and magnesium. They also contain calcium, potassium and fiber which are beneficial for heart health. The proteins present in it help … Read more