What Happens When You Eat Too Little Salt?

Few would argue that the Western diet contains too much salt. Not just the salty, processed foods that are so readily available at convenience stores and even gas stations that we probably shouldn’t be eating anyway, but also all the salt we add to our meals. In fact, it is often observed that people add … Read more

7 Exercises to Fix a Dowager’s Hump

The widow’s hump, also commonly known as a “cervical sac” or “buffalo shoulder,” is a forward rounding at the top of the spine. When some people tilt their heads, there is a bulging mass somewhere between the junction of the upper spinal cord and the neck. This is commonly known as a widow’s hump. From … Read more

The Salt Controversy

Is eating too much salt really harmful? Conventional medical advice and routine doctor visits may have convinced you that this is a clear “yes,” but the science is anything but uniform. So why isn’t that reflected in common clinical practice? The salt controversy It does more than raise questions about how much salt is too … Read more

Best Exercises to Relieve Joint Pain

If you are living with joint pain, the last thing you want to do is exercise, but exercise can help improve joint pain along with improving mobility. Our joints help hold our skeleton together and support whatever movement we make. Along with the pain, the joints may feel stiff, swollen, and a decrease in movement … Read more

4 Ways to Exercise Your Brain as You Age

The human brain remains a mystery, but there is one thing scientists are sure of. That is, this complicated organ can still function well while years. And there are ways to improve and shape agility and brain function. The brain shrinks with age, but cranial nerve activation is more important Have you noticed that people … Read more

Osteoporosis Is Scurvy of the Bone, Not Calcium Deficiency

It saddens me to see older women diagnosed with “osteopenia” or “osteoporosis” listening to their doctors and taking calcium supplements and even problem drugs called bisphosphonates. These are irrational, dogmatic, and damaging approaches to the problem of bone breakdown as we age. In my time practicing nephrology and internal medicine, I saw numerous patients suffering … Read more

Can Eating Apples Really Keep the Doctor Away?

If the reduced risk of several chronic diseases and the abundant nutrients and nutritional benefits help keep the doctor away, research indicates that apples easily meet that criteria. Apples are a leading disease-preventing and health-promoting food, and are at their best in flavor in the United States during the fall. However, there are warning issues … Read more

A Simple Sitting Exercise Helps Reduce Blood Sugar and Lipid Levels 

Sedentary lifestyle has become a major problem in the lives of modern people. However, through a simple exercise, you can train a muscle, which weighs only one percent of body weight, while sitting. Exercising this muscle can burn sugar and fat in the blood, reducing the negative effect of sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle has … Read more