8 Easy Stretches That Can Reduce The Damage Caused by Sitting For Long Hours

Our lives have changed since the Kovid 019 epidemic. A different side of digital can be seen where working from home has become the norm. From office work to school to basic things like food, things went awry. As our journey has become shorter, so has the normal walking. This has paved the way for a sedentary lifestyle. It is really important that you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.Also read – The nutritionist explains the 3 rules of how to consume beans

Taking it to Instagram, Rujuta Divekar, a famous nutritionist, shares tips on how to keep your body fit. The caption reads, “10 minutes of workout every day to minimize the damage caused by prolonged sitting.” Also read – 6 Cardio Exercises That Adults Can Practice Every Day To Stay Fit And Healthy

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In the video, Rujuta talks about the effects of sitting in one place for a long time. This causes back pain, changes in the position of the abdomen, protrusion of the thighs and more problems. Rujuta showed more exercises that will help keep the body in shape and reduce health problems

  • Raise the legs – 5 repetitions
  • Straight leg lifts – 5 repetitions
  • Shoulder Stretch – 5 reps
  • Cuff Stretch – 5 repetitions
  • Hamstring Stretch – 5 repetitions
  • Upper body twist – 5 repetitions
  • Arm stretch – 5 repetitions
  • Stretch the back and neck – 5 repetitions

Stretch has numerous benefits. It helps to improve muscle flexibility and range of motion. Along with this, stretching also helps to improve blood flow to the muscles and reduce the risk of injuries. To Improve Physical Efficiency, Stretch is Right for You!

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