A heart attack can occur due to excessive shortness of breath; know how to avoid it.

Shortness of breath can cause heart disease. Therefore, if you face any problem related to breathing, contact the doctor immediately and get yourself checked, otherwise this problem may lead to heart disease in the future. Often, lung problems lead to breathing problems, due to which breathing becomes faster and the airways swell.


Sometimes pneumonia can also cause shortness of breath. When pneumonia occurs, bacteria are produced in the airways called streptococci. And these bacteria produce fluid in the respiratory tract, due to which oxygen does not reach the lungs and shortness of breath occurs. If a person suffers from shortness of breath, they are also at risk of heart disease.




According to research



  • Scientists say shortness of breath can also be a sign of heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


  • Heart disease due to shortness of breath is mainly caused by smoking or working in a factory where chemicals are used in excess.


  • Excessive pollution can also be the cause of this disease.


  • According to research, it has been revealed that shortness of breath can cause heart or lung diseases. If shortness of breath persists for more than a month, it could be a symptom of heart disease, lung disease, or heart failure. Therefore, in case of breathing problems, contact the doctor immediately.




Symptoms of shortness of breath




  • frequent cough


  • sudden fever


  • wheeze


  • chest pain


  • palpitations


  • Exhaustion


  • Low blood pressure




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due to shortness of breath



  • swelling of the airways,


  • air pollution,


  • Due to contact with allergic substances,


  • smoking and excessive tobacco consumption,


  • Shortness of breath can also cause heart disease,


  • This problem may be due to an infection,


  • Excessive weight can also cause shortness of breath,


  • There is difficulty breathing even if you have asthma.


  • Shortness of breath can also be caused by lung cancer.


  • Shortness of breath problem can also occur due to kidney disease.





Heart disease is also responsible





  • During a heart attack, the walls of the heart weaken, which can lead to shortness of breath.


  • If the valves inside the heart do not close or open properly with the heartbeat, the balance between the heart and lungs begins to be disrupted and breathing begins. Therefore, doctors believe that shortness of breath can cause heart disease.





what to do if you feel out of breath




  • If a person has difficulty breathing, they should contact a doctor immediately. And get the problems checked by the doctor, otherwise heart disease may occur due to shortness of breath.


  • If the problem of shortness of breath is due to the lungs, contact a chest specialist or thoracic surgeon and have them examined.


  • If the shortness of breath is caused by the heart, consult a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon.




Get tested if you have trouble breathing


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  • pulmonary radiography,


  • HOUR.,


  • CT scan,


  • PFT,


  • DSE for the heart (double totmine stress echo),


  • Blood investigation about,


  • Sometimes a CT scan, coronary and pulmonary angiography may also be necessary.





pay attention to these things give




Shortness of breath can cause heart disease, so watch out for the things mentioned below:



  • Exercise regularly every morning. If you walk for two hours a day, you will largely avoid the problem of shortness of breath.



  • Don’t let your weight increase too much.


  • Eat fruit and salad daily.


  • Eat green leafy vegetables.


  • Do not smoke or consume excessive amounts of tobacco.


  • Do not choose to exercise near a factory or busy road.


  • Take care of ventilation in the house.


  • Use less AC power.



If you notice any problem related to shortness of breath or heart disease, then immediately contact a doctor Do this, otherwise there is a risk of heart disease due to shortness of breath.



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