A Nutrition Scientist Debunks 3 Popular Vitamin C Myths

Vitamin C is perhaps most famous for supporting the immune system, but that’s not the only benefit on its resume, says Ferira. “Pigeonholing it as a temporary need or just for immunity purposes is another myth,” she says.

Don’t get us wrong, immune support is essential (and not just when you feel bad). But vitamin C is also required. for the successful synthesis of collagen, and collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. “Everybody’s talking about collagen,” says Ferira, and not just for its variety of beauty benefits. “Your gut, your eyes, your heart, your blood vessels…but for collagen to be properly synthesized and interwoven and serve as this architectural scaffolding,” she notes, you need vitamin C.*

In addition to synthesizing collagen, vitamin C also plays a role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. dopamine and norepinephrinethat play a role in control brain function and regulates mood.* Aids in iron absorption, supports hormonal balance, protects the nervous system, and more.* “Vitamin C is at the heart of all of these amazing benefits for your heart, joints, and skin.” , the immune system and neuroprotection,”* Ferira adds. Needless to say, this vitamin has scope.


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