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New Delhi: In the last two decades, the medical device industry has undergone an important evolution and transformation. With the arrival of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is expected to undergo more changes and profound advances, reported Global dataa leading data and analytics company.

He further added that AI capabilities including advanced imaging systems, smart robots, wearable technology, AI-based data analytics, simulation platforms and all these advancements have transformed the effectiveness and safety of treatment.

Commenting on the AI-enabled diagnostics transforming patient safetyElia García, medical analyst at GlobalData, said: “Integrating AI-powered digital health solutions into existing healthcare systems, such as electronic medical records (EMR), provides doctors with easy access to diagnostic insights and patient data, and AI has the potential to significantly improve patient safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities.”

“The FDA’s approval of the first AI sepsis diagnostic tools is an important step toward realizing the potential of AI to improve patient care and outcomes in intensive care environments”Garcia added.


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