Allegations of irregularities in NEET 2024 exam, doctors demand CBI probe and review

The Junior Doctors Network (JDN) of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has demanded a CBI probe into allegations of irregularities in the NEET 2024 exam. It says the exam must be fair and transparent. He also called for re-conducting the exam so that all students can enjoy equal opportunities. Doctors say that the results of the examination were announced suddenly and quickly, and there was also a considerable increase in the threshold. A thorough investigation into these matters is necessary so that justice can be served to the students.

Questions raised on some key issues

Premature declaration of results
The NEET 2024 results were announced in advance, while the media was busy with the election results. Seeing this, many people were surprised why the exam results were released so quickly and suddenly. Usually, declaring the exam results takes time, so that all answer sheets can be properly checked. But this time the results were announced abruptly and hastily. This has caused anxiety and suspicion among students and their families about the presence of irregularities in the exam. It is therefore very important to know the reason for this rush.

Threshold increase
This year, there has been a sudden increase in the cut-off for NEET 2024. The All India Rank (AIR) of students securing the same marks has increased three to four times compared to last year. This change is so significant that students and their families are concerned. Compared to last year, the results this time seem very different and strange. Because of this, students suspect that something went wrong in the exam. It is therefore very important to know the reason for the increase in this threshold and to study it.

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We want an investigation
Dr K., president of the IMA Junior Doctors network. Mr. Abul Hasan said, “We want the irregularities found in the NEET 2024 exam to be investigated by the CBI. The exam must be fair and transparent for all students. This is the only way to maintain the credibility of the Indian education system. IMA JDN hopes that their appeal will be taken seriously and that all necessary measures will be taken so that the review process can be honest and clean.

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