At this age, do you also wear high heels? You risk falling into the fashion trap.

Side effects of high heels: To make themselves look elegant, girls today like to wear high heels to college or office. Some girls are so comfortable in high heels that they can wear them for many hours. You can dance easily while wearing this. By the age of 40, your bones can suffer serious damage. It can also cause problems in the lower part of the body. Girls who regularly wear high heels experience even more dangerous disadvantages. Besides the feet, high heels can also seriously affect the spine and hip bones. After 30 it can become more harmful (side effects of high heels). Let us know its side effects…

waist and hip pain

It’s good to look stylish, but you shouldn’t ignore health at all. Also take care of your comfort zone. High hills do not fully support the feet, and due to the lack of balance of weight on the feet, unbearable pain begins. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, the area around the waist and hips is most affected by high hills. As a result, the joints in this part are affected and the muscles become stiff.

unbearable calf pain

Wearing high heels causes calf pain. Its side effects are also visible. Wearing high heels exposes the veins in the calf and causes unbearable pain.

ankle pain

In addition to being fashionable and stylish, high heels are made according to the shape of the foot, but everyone’s ankle size and arch are not the same. Therefore, high heels do not suit everyone perfectly, and due to weight imbalance, ankle pain appears. Prolonged wearing of heels causes a lot of pain, from the toes to the arch and heels.

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damage to blood vessels

Due to the structure of high heels, the front part of the foot tries to fit into a small space and staying in this position for a long time has detrimental effects. According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, if the feet remain compressed for a long time due to high heels or any other reason, there is a risk of disruption of blood circulation and there is also a risk of rupture and rupture of blood vessels. bursting.

bad effect on the ligament

Prolonged wearing of high heels can have serious and harmful effects on ligaments. It gradually begins to weaken. In such a situation, if there is an injury to the legs, the ligament can easily break.

negative effect on the knees

High heels have the most impact on the knee joints. When wearing it, the knees remain slightly curved. In such a situation, joint pain can sometimes increase. Unbearable pain may bother you. Daily and prolonged wearing of high heels also increases the risk of osteoarthritis.

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