Bhagyashree’s Lunch Platter Is Pure Goals When It Comes To Clean Eating

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is extremely important. Following a diet plan rich in vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious foods can help us stay fit and healthy. However, do you lack the motivation to eat healthy food? If that’s the case, don’t worry. Actress Bhagyashree has just motivated us to pay attention to our nutrition and make it as healthy as possible. Ella’s recent Instagram stories feature a delicious lunch that has us setting important eating goals. What did she eat, though? It appears to be a delicious salad that included a variety of vegetables, including fresh basil leaves, sliced ​​strawberries, and cheese.

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If you are health conscious and like to eat clean, the Bhagyashree dish will certainly leave you wanting. She wrote, “Flavor of the day,” and added the hashtags, “healthy food” and “lunch.”

Have a look:

Despite her passion for food, Bhagyashree has always promoted a healthy lifestyle. She frequently gives us a peek at her food plates. She once shared a snapshot of her lunch, which included a sprouted bean salad. Moong beans, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber were mixed with salt and black pepper. She wrote: “Healthy lunch options! Sprouted Bean Salad,” and she used the hashtag “healthy food.” Read more about it here.

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Besides food, Bhagyashree also believes in the power of nourishing drinks. And we know it from his regular Instagram posts. On one occasion he shared a photo of his breakfast and it was an appetizing green juice. She said: “Beautiful mornings” and added a couple of hashtags: “Breakfast” and “healthy food”. Click here to take a look at Bhagyashree’s healthy breakfast.

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Bhagyashree makes sure you get your nutrition fix of delicious meals, no matter what time of day it is. We have seen her eat nutritious foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once, she had a dinner loaded with vegetables. On the plate we could see lettuce along with other vegetables mixed with tomato slices and mushrooms. Take a look at Bhagyashree’s variety of fresh vegetables here.

Bhagyashree’s healthy and clean eating habits always leave us motivated and inspired to do the same.


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