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Varanasi: No team of scientists Banaras Hindu University (BHUClaimed to have successfully grown high quality medicinal plants’Rishyagandha‘In their lab using nano-biotechnological approaches.

The research was conducted under the excellent guidance of the Department of Botany and Molecular Human Genetics.

Professor Shashi Pandey said, “In Ayurveda, Rishyagandha is known as an important medicinal plant, commonly known as Paneer Phool or Paneer Bandha and Vithenia coagulans in scientific parlance. With guided research.

She said the study showed the potential role of nano-biotechnology in the improved version of Rishyagandha and the anolydes with high content of bioactive pharmacological compounds.

Initially, they developed an efficient protocol for propagating this endangered plant using in-vitro plant tissue culture methods.

Next, no pro. In collaboration with Gopeshwar Narayan Molecular and Human Genetics The department also studied the efficacy of green synthesized nanoparticles using laboratory-grown plant extracts as a potent drug against cervical cancer. Pandey said. “Continuing this research work, we found that synthetic nanoparticles under laboratory conditions and UV-B treatment increased the yield of sage by its pharmacologically useful compounds with anoloids by about 50%,” she said.

Pro. Pandey added that it is mainly available in the arid hot climate regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Medicinal properties are mainly based on current bioactive secondary metabolites such as triterpenes vithenolides and coagulinolides.

But unfortunately, due to haphazard use and various other reasons the plant has been included in the endangered category. Currently, various researches are being carried out to maintain the durability of this endangered plant and improve its pharmacological efficiency with high efficiency. partners with Usmanpura Imaging Centre to augment radiology interpretation services - ET HealthWorld


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