Bob Raissman: Mental health up for debate as Ben Simmons arrives in Brooklyn

If there was any doubt about who runs WFAN, it was made clear on Friday when Norman Julius Esiason, in his goon mode, demanded that a written report be included in Keith McPherson’s personnel file. McPherson’s crime? He dared to walk into a studio and take off a Rod Gilbert sweater in some kind of goofy show of loyalty to his “new” favorite team, the New Jersey Devils. McPherson, the afternoon presenter, comes across as a pure fan. He is not a man of nuance. Hey Norman – Don’t you realize that McPherson is the type of out-of-the-box hire that the Audacy suits are looking for? Get with the Pops program. … ESPN’s NBA trade deadline show had its cast of reporters rushing in and out, which was fantastic for the short-attention types watching. However, none of the insiders could explain why reports from “insiders” Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski were conflicting about whether the 76ers-Nets trade would fall apart. Unfortunately, no odds were released on who would be right.

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