‘Breaks my heart’: Malaysian dad hounded by loan sharks disowns debt-ridden son

“I even had to look for work as an e-hailing driver because my savings ran out,” he said at a press conference organized on Thursday in Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian Chinese Association public services and complaints department head Michael Chong. .

Wong said that shortly after paying off the debts, his son went to a gambler’s rehabilitation center and seemed to turn a new leaf.

“However, on June 2, I discovered that someone had posted a photo of me and my wife on Facebook, with the caption ‘wanted,’” he said.

“I also received a call from my other son, telling me that a Ah, a long time (illegal moneylender) had contacted him and told him that his brother owed them RM12,000. He Ah, a long time “He threatened to hire a gang to come after us if the debt was not settled,” Wong said.

Wong said another. Ah, a long time sent him a WhatsApp message, telling him that the same son owed them RM1,200.

“Honestly, I don’t know how many Ah, a long time owes him money. It is difficult to break the relationship with my son. “He breaks my heart, but I had to do it,” she said, adding that he has since filed a police report about the threats.

Victims of harassment by loan sharks at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday. Photo: La Estrella

In another case, single mother Chai Siew Won, 34, had to leave out of fear due to her ex-husband’s debt.

“We divorced in 2022 after about 10 years of marriage due to his drug addiction and family abandonment.

Ah longs They started harassing us in April this year, saying my ex-husband owed them more than RM5,000.

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“Even after I explained that I was no longer married to him, he ah longs “He refused to accept it and threatened to harm me and my two daughters,” she said.

she said Ah, a long time She even left letters in her and her neighbors’ mailbox indicating her ex-husband’s loan.

“I have lodged a police report in the matter,” he said.

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