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Chennai: Doctors in the city 3D-printed jig To remove a cancerous tumor on the bone of his leg on an eight-year-old boy, without damaging the knee joint, which was 0.5cm away from the tumor. About a month after the surgery, Akhilan With the help of a walker the media walked before flashing the camera. Doctors announced that the boy, who has recovered, will soon be able to fulfill his dream of cycling.

Akhilan, who was diagnosed with non-metastatic osteosarcoma on his left leg bone (proximal tibia) in Madurai, came to Chennai. Apollo Proton Cancer Center For treatment. After chemotherapy sessions, doctors recommended surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. “There was a normal bone 0.5 cm below the knee. We decided to remove the cancerous bone and save his knee joint. This will save his organ, ”said Consultant Orthopedic Oncologist Dr. Vishnu told Ramanujan. “The only way we can do this with precision is by using technology,” he said.

Prior to the surgery, doctors attached MRI and CT images to create a three-dimensional view of her bones and tumor. “Then we printed a cutting jig 3D at the hospital. This jig acts as a marker that allows us to cut the bone to the point where it is ‘oncologically safe’. We have also ensured that we protect the local knee joints, ”he said.

During the procedure, the tumor bone was sterilized with a fraction of the radiation and the same bone was replanted. A 3D printed customized plate was also placed to stabilize the bone.


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