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Cedric Mc Millan pulled out of the 2022 Arnold Classic last week, though most weren’t sure why. On Monday, February 28, 2022, McMillan revealed on Instagram that she withdrew from the pageant due to stomach problems.

Last week, legendary trainer, Milos Sarcev briefly mentioned that Cedric would not be competing at the 2022 Arnold Classic. No specific reason was given for the recent withdrawal, though fans now have an idea as to why he pulled out of the contest.

The road has not been easy for McMillan. Due to a broken collarbone and a broken handthe bodybuilder could not compete in the 2020 Mr. Olympia. Then he was forced to withdraw from the Arnold Classic 2021 for similar reasons. Returning to action, Cedric was positioned to make his comeback in the Legion Sports Fest Pro. While he did make an appearance during the pre-trial, Cedric was not available during the night’s finale.

Cedric Mc Millan he won Arnold Classic in 2017. However, it seems that the same problem that forced Cedric off the Legion Sports Pro is the same persistent problem that has now put him off the 2022 Arnold classic. According to Cedric, he has been having stomach problems and is struggling to keep down water and food.

McMillan also contracted a serious case of coronavirus in 2021. While dealing with the deadly illness, McMillan spoke about the trauma and mentioned that he had heart problems.. In fact, things looked so bleak at one point that McMillan thought he might die.

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Cedric McMillan explains the reasons for his retirement, he will continue to attend the 2022 Arnold Classic as a guest

Stomach problems have forced Cedric to withdraw from the competition. The bodybuilder shared a video on his Instagram page of him letting his fanbase know why he won’t be taking the stage in just a few days.

“I have had some problems for 4 weeks. I got a couple of phone calls and texts from friends saying they saw on the internet that something was wrong with me. So of course, if it’s already on the internet, motherfuckers don’t know everything. They talk about what they think they know, what they heard. So I might as well go ahead and explain this shit myself. So here I am.

Since I tried to compete in the Legion show in Nevada in October. I have been having problems with my stomach. I can’t keep food down for some reason. Create some stupid hiccups, I hiccup all day and half the night and every time I eat, or even drink water. Go back up, nothing wants to stay down”. Cedric Mc Millan said.

“Four weeks ago, I went to the doctor again, I have been going to the doctor all the time, but they recommended that I not try to do the program. Of course, I am being stubborn. If I eat this food and throw up half of it, at least that’s half of it. I can continue, you know, being an idiot. I did as I was told and went on a liquid diet. Eating fucking soup and eating milkshakes to gain weight.

While Cedric admits he won’t be able to compete this weekend, the former Army instructor did mention that he will still be participating in the Arnold Classic, but only as a guest at the meet and greet.

“This is the same shit. It’s not getting better. I finally decided to contact the show and tell them I couldn’t compete. You know, they welcomed me and they still wanted me to come over anyway and do some work. So, I’ll be in Ohio, for everyone who will be there. Come see me, I’m going to try to do the meet and greet. I’ve been wrestling back and forth with myself, not really knowing what to do next. I feel good. Is it over? Does this mean I’m supposed to retire when I’m fucking sick all the time?

Given how active Cedric was as a competitor throughout his career, it’s unfortunate to see an athlete like him struggling to make it to the second biggest show of the year. Persistent injuries have prevented him from competing in the past, however it now appears that his stomach is the main concern.

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After admitting issues with hiccups and ingesting food and water, many believe that Cedric would have struggled to build up the mass needed to make it to the podium.

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As often as Cedric runs into trouble while preparing for shows, he begins to wonder if his time in the sport is coming to an end. Cedric McMillan will continue to appear at the Arnold as a guest and revealed to his fans that he will not be able to compete due to stomach problems.

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