Chicken egg eaters should be careful as bird flu spreads quickly

Symptoms of bird flu: Many cases of blood flu have been reported in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Many samples were tested in which H5N1 avian influenza was detected. After the report came out, those who eat eggs and chicken were warned. Avian flu is a dangerous disease.

Many cases of bird flu have been reported in America. Many cases of bird flu have been reported in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Avian flu is considered dangerous because it spreads quickly from birds to humans. Bird flu is spreading so quickly that people who eat chicken and eggs are being warned. Avian flu in humans can be quite deadly.

Symptoms of bird flu in humans

When infected with HN1, humans may have approximately 2 to 8 symptoms appear. Often, people ignore the symptoms of bird flu, considering it a seasonal flu. feeling cold and tired, severe pain in the head and chest, loss of appetite, etc. If there is a high fever accompanied by cough and severe body pain, it should not be taken lightly. Because these can be the first symptoms of bird flu.

How does bird flu spread quickly among humans?

When you come into contact with infected birds. If you come here, the risk of bird flu increases. If you go to an infected poultry farm and take care of it, the risk of contracting this disease increases.

Fluid that comes out of the infected bird’s droppings, nose, mouth, and eyes can also cause this infection. The risk of this disease increases.

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If you have eaten eggs or meat from an infected bird, you can also contract this disease.

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