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A small child’s skin is delicate. Children are susceptible to rashes in summer, so don’t dress them in very hot clothes in summer. Do not leave yourself exposed to the sun for too long. Just as you take extra care of yourself in the summer, it is important to take care of your children in the same way. Children get sick very quickly. In the afternoon, the scorching sun can also cause heatstroke. Know what things you can take care of for your children and protect them from the scorching heat.





How to take care of children in summer




very small children The immune system becomes weak. In this case, they are at higher risk of infection. If you drink breast milk, do not vary it even for a day. Breast milk proves to be very useful for children in the fight against germs. breast milk to child dehydration Does not allow lack of water and also keeps the body cool.



In summer, feed the baby with extra milk or breast milk. Whenever you feel that the baby is not drinking properly, take him to the doctor. A small child’s skin is delicate. they are in summer skin They are susceptible to rashes, so don’t dress children in very warm clothes in summer. Do not expose yourself to the sun for too long. If a rash or rash appears, seek medical attention immediately. A small child becomes dehydrated very quickly. Take them out of the house into direct sunlight, expose the child to more Water Give. Continue to feed the baby at intervals of one to two hours.

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Newborns need more water in summer. Avoid giving excessive amount of water. In between, the child is fed with boiled and cold milk. Also, don’t reduce what the child eats. Due to excessive heat in the body, heat stroke occurs. Sunstroke can be serious for children. To avoid this, do not wear too many clothes on the child’s body and continue to drink fluids from time to time. Children can suffer from viral infections at any time. Breast milk is the most beneficial for the child, which Defense system Expands. It’s for little children flu And viral Protects against infections.






Ways to protect children from heat



Avoid being outside for long periods of time: Between noon and 3 p.m., avoid leaving the house. To escape the wrath of heat across the country Sunlight Avoid coming into direct contact with.



Keeping children’s food clean: Take great care of the cleanliness of food. Avoid eating fried foods and air-cooked foods. During this season, the risk of illness from contaminated food or water is very high. Tell children about these things and talk to them about their Hand Inhale to wash yourself.



Increase fluid intake: Use liquids whenever possible. Keep in mind that this Cold This should not happen, otherwise it could lead to other health problems. Make sure to eat seasonal fruits like watermelon, melon, mango, cucumber, etc. However, there are certain precautions related to its consumption, which are important to keep in mind. Body Let there be no shortage of water. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Buttermilk, lassi, raw vegetable panna, wild apple sorbet or sattu sorbet are very beneficial in this season.

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Avoid eating too much at once: of summer Season Start the day with sweet and juicy fruits. Sapota, peach, watermelon, watermelon Or orange might be good choices. Onion and cucumber should be eaten in salad. This will save you from digestive problems and will also keep body temperature under control. In fact, if they Sufficient If there is enough water, body temperature remains controlled.



Wear loose, long-sleeved clothing: You should choose loose, long-sleeved, light-colored clothing. They protect from the sun and help dry up perspiration. In this weather eyes It also needs to be taken care of. Therefore, if you go out of the house in direct sunlight, you must use sunglasses.




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