Covid-19: 2 New Symptoms of Omicron Variant BA. 2 That Should Not be Ignored

At a time when the world is slowly moving back to normal with an all-time decline in Covid-19 cases, the threat of a new type of Omicron is looming large on the face of the average citizen. Each virus mutates at one point or another, and mutations cause new types of viruses to form. Sometimes the virus transforms into variants, it breaks off branches or divides into sub-variants or sub-genes.Also read – Studies have shown that the bark of the neem tree can help treat and speed up coronavirus

According to reports, the delta variant of coronavirus has more than 200 different sub-variants. Currently, the Omicron variant has BA.1, BA.2, BA.3 and B.1.1.529 sub variants, of which BA.1 was dominant a few months ago, and scientists have recently warned about BA. 2 sub-variables. Also read – Corona’s fourth wave: Will the next Covid variant be as serious as Delta? Scientists answer

Researchers believe that a large part of the reason why Omicron rapidly replaces the Delta variant is its ability to infect and spread from people with delta immunity. Therefore, a possibility for BA. An increase of 2 is that it is even better than BA.1 in overcoming the immune system – possibly including protection from BA.1 infection. Preliminary research studies have shown that the BA.2 subtype can eliminate immunity from vaccination and develop the body’s immune system through previous infections with previous types. Also read – Understand how obesity can affect your bone and joint health

While prevalent symptoms of covid include headache, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose and body aches, a new report by KREM 2 News, the US National Library of Medicine reported two additional symptoms of the Omicron BA.2 subvariant which are Dizziness and fatigue

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The report further states that the new variant could spread 30 percent more easily than the previous variant of Omicron.

Why is the Omicron variant so transmissible?

A research study conducted by SSI of Denmark found that BA.2 is significantly more transmissible than the BA.1 sub-variant. The study involved 8,500 families and 18,000 individuals. Similarities were also found in both sub-variants by David Ho. Columbia University, where a study says both sub-variants are equally effective in counteracting inactivated antibodies in people who have been previously infected or vaccinated. The Omicron sub-variant was notorious as a BA.1 super spreader and had the highest transmission rate of all its ancestors.

Other sub-variants, BA.2, also have similar properties and are expected to be excellent in eliminating the immune system; So researchers expect it to become a super spreader very soon.

On February 17, WHO experts said that BA.2 was more contagious than any other. Experts said that while monitoring the situation, there is still no evidence that the BA.2 sub-variant is more lethal than the BA.1.

If we can still get infected, why get vaccinated?

Multiple drug administration authorities have tested COVID19 vaccines around the world. They have been shown to be effective in reducing the chances of your covid 19 transition. Once you get vaccinated, your body is better prepared to fight off more viruses by strengthening your immune system. Many believe that, as has been rightly noted, vaccination helps reduce the chances of developing serious COVID19. It also reduces the chances of hospitalization and significantly reduces the chances of developing a fatal disease.

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Vaccinated people can effectively prevent an epidemic. The more people in the population are infected, the higher the risk of the virus and the greater the risk for everyone. Non-vaccinated individuals contribute to the number of people who may become ill and provide a host for COVID19 to create and mimic more variations. The more the virus spreads, the greater the risk of mutations that could be more dangerous for everyone involved. Getting vaccinated is not just for you but for your family, your community and future generations.


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