Daniel Craig’s Bond Trainer Has the Approach to Fitness and Nutrition That You’ve Been Waiting For – E! Online

“It’s not a very serious science manual, but it’s a serious motivational manual,” Waterson said, explaining his approach to sharing his tricks of the trade, which included detailing the most relatable aspects of these actors’ fitness journeys. Craig, for example, worked hard all week, but then enjoyed his weekend pints.

“The honesty is that no one else can do it for you, the reps, the miles,” says the expert (who may not be able to). for you, but usually works together with your clients) he said. “I’m just there to motivate, although many actors are so motivated that I spend a lot of time trying to discouragelike, ‘Please listen, just rest, put your feet up and have a beer.

For example, getting Tom Hiddlestona rugby player and cross country runner in previous years, in extra buff form for Kong: Skull Islandrecalled Waterson, “I’m trying to say, ‘Tom, please stop doing all the miles, you’ve got a movie to make!'”

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