Diabetes Control in Winter: 6 Everyday Mistakes That May Worsen Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes tends to spike during the winter months and these everyday mistakes can further worsen glucose levels in the body.

Diabetes Control in Winter: 6 Everyday Mistakes That May Worsen Your Blood Sugar Levels (Freepik)

The epidemic of Diabetes is spreading all across the globe. In India, over a million people are already living with this metabolic condition and the numbers continue to be on the rise. during the winter season, fluctuations in glucose levels, and spike in blood sugar a common occurrences. Extreme cold conditions may affect your glucose levels, it may also lead to false readings. Due to less oxygen supply and constricted blood vessels, there could be false readings as well. Diabetes management also depends a lot on lifestyle changes. Winters tend to make us slow and lethargic and calorie-laden winter comfort food may rise your sugar levels.

Adding on to it, a few everyday habits prove to worsen the condition.


  1. NOT Staying Active: Winters tend to make us lazy and wish to remain cosy inside the blankets all day long. This leads to reduced activity and mobility of the body. Not being physically active can lower rate of blood circulation, slow oxygen supply which affects the diabetes readings.
  2. Processed Food: Ready-to-eat meals provide instant gratification to our taste buds and processed meals like meat, canned food, etc may increase glucose levels. It may also make a person a little more prone to developing diabetes.
  3. Late Dinners: Timely meals help significantly in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Late dinners, especially, may disrupt blood sugar. According to Mayo Clinic, late dinner can be associated with “poor glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes.”
  4. Poor Stress Management: Everyone deals with a set of problems. It can be personal or professional. In today’s fast-paced world, stress levels have increased exponentially. and when a person is not able to manage it, affects start to appear on both physical and mental health. High level of stress affects blood sugar levels too.
  5. Poor Sleep Schedule: It is time to let go of glorifying sleep deprivation. Poor quality sleep can increase insulin resistance. It may make one have more unger cravings disrupting the healthy dietary habits further affecting glucose tolerance.
  6. Alcohol and Smoking: Smoking is extremely unhealthy for the body in every way. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of diabetes. The liver helps to maintain blood sugar, and when the organ is damaged, it affects diabetics as well.
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These may appear to a thing that probably is common knowledge, but how much heed does one actually pay. Out of the many sedentary lifestyle habits, these are just a few that significantly can worsen diabetes and make a person more prone to it if not living with it.



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