Diabetes is no longer incurable? This therapy will eliminate diabetes forever!

Diabetes : If all goes well, the day is not far away when diabetes will no longer be an incurable disease. You won’t have to worry about controlling it. Chinese scientists have achieved such a miracle. For the first time in the world, a patient’s diabetes has been cured using cell therapy.

The team from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and the Center of Excellence for Molecular Cell Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Renji Hospital achieved this feat. The research was published in the journal Cell Discovery on April 30.

Treating diabetes for the first time
The patient whose diabetes was cured is 59 years old and had suffered from type 2 diabetes for 25 years. He also underwent a kidney transplant in 2017. Most of his pancreatic islets were not functioning. The pancreas controls blood sugar levels. This is why he had to receive several insulin injections every day.

This is how the treatment was carried out
The patient’s innovative cell transplant was performed in July 2021. After 11 weeks, he no longer needed external insulin. Medications to control blood sugar were also gradually reduced and after a year they were stopped completely. After the transplant, her follow-up was carried out, during which it was found that her pancreatic islet function was functioning properly. After about 33 months, the patient came off insulin.

Long-term research
To control blood sugar levels, insulin is needed, which is carried out by the pancreas. When a person has diabetes, this system is not able to function. For this reason, insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity or it is not used correctly.

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Scientists around the world are studying the possibility of transplanting islets from human stem cells. Today, Chinese scientists have achieved great success in this field. If all goes well, the day will not be far away when diabetes treatment will also become possible.

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