Do not ignore these symptoms, even by mistake, it may be Crohn’s disease.

What is Crohn’s disease? Do you know what this disease is linked to? Tell us about this disease in detail. It is a disease related to the intestines, due to which the intestines swell for a long time and affects the digestive system. If this condition is left untreated for a long time, it can lead to a hole in the intestines and this can be fatal. Therefore, if you notice any change in your health, do not ignore it and contact the doctor immediately.


The symptoms of this disease include stomach pain, diarrhea, bleeding in stools and rapid weight loss, etc. The only way to avoid a disease like Crohn’s disease is to change your lifestyle, this disease can be avoided by exercising and eating a balanced diet. Due to this disease, you can also become a victim of malnutrition. So pay particular attention to your eating habits.



What is Crohn’s disease?



  • When you have Crohn’s disease digestion Inflammation occurs in the system, due to which stomach I’m starting to hurt. In many situations, this disease can be fatal and is therefore also considered a dangerous disease. At the beginning of this illness intestines Only the last end of the intestine is affected but if this problem gets worse, a large part of the intestines may also be affected.


  • Sometimes this disease becomes so deep that patients have to face a lot of difficulty even in passing stools. Well, no cause of this disease has been found until now. But it can be cured by certain medications and treatments.
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What causes Crohn’s disease?



  • Main cause of this disease Body There is a reduction in immunity. Due to low immunity, many viruses or bacteria can affect the intestines, which causes swelling of the intestines and can lead to this disease.


  • Apart from this, it can also happen due to genetic reasons. If someone in your family already has this condition, the chances of this happening increase.



Symptoms of Crohn’s disease



  • diarrhea


  • Fever



  • stomach cramps and severe pain


  • anus Anal bleeding



  • reduced digestive capacity


  • with speed weight start to decrease


  • Piles and intense pain during bowel movements


  • skinSwelling of the eyes and joints





what is colitis East



The problem of inflammation, irritation or other types of bowel disease is called colitis. This disease, a type of colitis, is caused by the invasion of bacteria, viruses or parasites. Treatment of colitis caused by viruses is a bit difficult. In colitis caused by viruses, the patient complains of less water in the body.



Treatment of Crohn’s disease


Nutritional therapy


To treat Crohn’s disease, doctors may place a feeding tube or inject nutrients into a vein. This therapy is very beneficial in relaxing the intestine and reducing inflammation in the intestine.



66 to 75% of people with Crohn’s disease require surgery for treatment. When medications fail to reduce the complications of this condition, doctors may perform surgery to treat it. Common surgical procedures include:

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  • Anastomosis


  • Ileostomy




During this surgical procedure, the surgeon removes the diseased part of the intestine and joins the two healthy ends together. But even after surgery, this disease (Crohn’s disease) can return. Therefore, carry out your treatment under the supervision of a doctor.



This surgery is used when anus The rectum is diseased and anastomosis surgery cannot be used. In this process, the intestine is attached to the skin of the torso.



of Crohn’s disease prevention



  • At most Water should drink


  • should not smoke





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