Does the mobile deteriorate the mental state? Do you know what diseases you are inviting?

Nowadays, children have become seriously addicted to phones. Children can do anything to get their wishes granted. To get rid of stubborn children, parents give them a tablet, laptop or mobile so that they don’t cry. But do you know how, by occupying their children, parents make them seriously ill with their own hands? After picking up the phone, the child calms down but becomes addicted to sitting in front of the screen for hours.

This problem occurs when you sit in front of the screen for hours

All sorts of research around the world shows that sitting for hours in front of a screen has a very detrimental effect on children’s brains. According to the report, children’s future is being ruined due to addiction to mobile phones, gadgets and television. As a result, the risk of “virtual autism” increases considerably.

virtual autism

Virtual autism appears in children aged 4 to 5 years. This often happens due to excessive use of cell phones, television and computers. Due to excessive use of smartphones, laptops and televisions, it can be very bad for children’s health. There can be a lot of difficulty talking and socializing with other people.

Children aged 1 to 3 are at high risk of virtual autism. Often parents think that their children are learning to talk on the phone, but this can be very detrimental for children.

To protect children from this disease, stay away from cell phones.

Children have a very bad influence on phones. For this reason, there are also many difficulties in speaking. Children are busy with gadgets due to which they start having difficulty speaking. This is the reason why you must have seen many times that children become very stubborn and throw tantrums. Children also become very aggressive because of phones. It has also been seen many times that parents give gadgets to their children so that they do not get disturbed. Which disrupts the child’s sleep rhythm. It is very wrong of parents to do this.

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Children under the age of two should have no exposure to cell phones or television. You have to keep your distance from them. Children aged 2 to 5 can watch TV for a while, but children below this age should not watch TV. In such a situation, they become dependent on it.

Nowadays, parents also stay busy on the phone for hours.

Doctors believe that if children want to get rid of phone and TV addiction, parents themselves should first stay away from the phone, TV, tab and laptop . Parents will have to make changes themselves. Changes will need to be made to sports activities with children. Correct your own sleep pattern.

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