Don’t ignore joint pain, it can lead to dangerous lung disease. Know the ways to avoid them.

Previously, the problem of joint pain only occurred at a certain age, but today, this problem is found in everyone. People often have the problem of back pain and joint pain but they ignore it. But this can be very dangerous for your health. His pain is so dangerous that even walking becomes difficult. Therefore, if you feel any pain, do not ignore it and consult a doctor immediately.


If your sleep is disturbed due to a joint pain problem, consult a doctor promptly as you may be suffering from spondylitis, which is a type of arthritis. Spondyloarthritis can affect many parts of the body, including the heart, lungs and intestines. Do not ignore spondylitis disease at all. This can cause very serious illnesses, such as inflammation of the large intestine, i.e. colitis and eye infection.




Symptoms of Spondyloarthritis –


In this the pain starts at the waist and Back And Neck Stiffness of the lower body in addition to the thighs, Knee And there are pains in the ankles. spine There remains stiffness in the bone. In spondyloarthritis, there is inflammation of the joints.




Reasons for joint pain




  • to the bones blood Blockage of blood supply (as in sickle cell disease anemia This is happening in).


  • Bone infection (osteomyelitis).



  • Osteoporosis problem.


  • Gout problem.


  • Joint pain can also be a problem due to climate changes.


  • Broken bones.


  • Sprain or injury.


  • in the bones tumor Have complaints, etc.
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Joint pain symptoms



  • entire Body I often remain stiff.


  • Constant pain in knees and joints.


  • legs and hands There is a lot of pain when moving and moving joints.


  • Difficulty walking and sitting.


  • Swelling and crackling.




Treatment of joint pain problem




  • Walking and sitting postures should be correct.


  • calcium and vitaminsFoods containing D should be consumed, such as milk, curd, cheese, green leafy vegetables, Appointmentalmonds, mushrooms and seafood, among others.


  • TV Do not watch while lying down.


  • I should exercise.


  • Use cotton mattresses rather than soft mattresses.


  • weight By controlling it, you can also relieve the problem of joint pain.




Tests and tests for joint pain




something for the doctor to identify the disease physical Can check, like –


  • Blood test.


  • bone and joint X-rays, which include bone analysis.


  • CT or MRI.


  • Hormone test.


  • Pituitary and adrenal gland tests.


  • Urine test.




Home remedies can also be very beneficial for joint pain problems, such as:




  • Take two cloves of garlic every morning stomach Eat with water. Doing this will bring great relief from the problem of joint pain.


  • Consumption of turmeric increases blood circulation and relieves joint pain.


  • Milk to strengthen bones and vitamins Consume D, it provides calcium to the bones.


  • Soak a cloth with apple cider vinegar, apply it to the painful area and leave for a few hours. Do this method twice a day. By doing this, the problem of joint pain will be cured very soon.
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  • To relieve joint pain, always be active, that is, keep the joints moving.





Doing yoga relieves the problem of joint pain –



  • Veer-Bhadrasana Dhanurasana and


  • Bridge asana Trikonasana.




The problem of joint pain cannot be ignored. If your pain persists or started after an injury, cut, or surgery, contact your doctor immediately.





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