Due to the heat, drinking too much water can also cause problems, there may be a deficiency of these elements in the body.

Side effects of overhydration : We get thirsty again and again during the summer season. It is also important to drink water to keep the body hydrated, but if you drink too much water, it can cause many problems. Drinking too much water causes headaches and fatigue. Many serious illnesses can also cause frequent dry throat.

Health experts say that in summer the body needs more water than in other seasons. Dehydration can occur due to strong sunlight and heat. Drinking water is therefore beneficial, but drinking too much water can lead to a deficiency of certain elements in the body.

What to do if you are excessively thirsty
According to health experts, thirst depends on the level of fluid present in the body. When the water level decreases, the body immediately activates the system that detects thirst. In hot, humid weather, the body loses too much water, causing thirst.

Apart from this, in many diseases like diarrhea, diabetes, the body lacks water and one feels thirsty again and again. Due to the lack of certain things, the throat becomes dry again and again. Instead of ignoring it, you should go to the doctor.

Lack of these things causes frequent thirst

1. Excessive thirst in summer can be caused by the problem of dry mouth. Drinking too much water can also cause many problems. One of the reasons could also be the lack of saliva in the mouth. Because of this, the mouth starts to become dry. Dry mouth is called xerostomia in medical language. Such a problem occurs when the salivary glands in the mouth produce less saliva. According to the doctor, saliva helps in the digestion of food in the body. Without it, it is difficult to digest food.

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2. Even when there is a lack of blood in the body, one feels very thirsty. In medical language, we talk about anemia. This means iron deficiency in the body as it also causes anemia. When the body’s red blood cells begin to decrease in producing hemoglobin, the problem of dehydration arises. If you experience repeated and prolonged thirst, then you should have a blood test. Iron-containing foods should be included in the diet, as iron helps increase hemoglobin.

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