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In today’s changing routine, just as people’s lifestyle has started to change, in the same way, diseases have also set up camp towards their homes. It is for this reason that people started suffering from illnesses such as stomach ache, stress, gas, etc. Most of these people suffer from the problem of flatulence. This disease is very painful. Although the problem of flatulence was often observed during the first days of menstruation, it has now become a disease. The main reason for flatulence is an unbalanced daily routine. In which people suffer from this problem because they do not have a fixed time to eat.





Causes of flatulence-




frequent flatulence gas But besides gas, flatulence can have many other causes, such as ConstipationPoor diet, eating too quickly, talking while eating, lack of gas, indigestion, overeating. Water Drinking, peptic ulcer, etc.




thyroid problems


Due to underactive thyroid hormone, hormones are not produced in sufficient quantities. Body The metabolism slows down and the stomach begins to bloat.




not getting enough sleep


Research found that less than 5 hours Sleep Its consumption leads to an increase in obesity.




bacteria in the stomach


Some bacteria present in the digestive tract causes stomach infection, due to which the stomach starts forgetting.




water collection


When edema occurs, water begins to accumulate in the stomach, causing bloating.






Due to stress, a hormone called cortisol is produced in excess in the body, causing the stomach to forget.

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slow metabolism


Due to the slow metabolism, fat is not burned and begins to accumulate around the stomach.






Home remedies to get rid of flatulence






There is hardly a house where Ajwain is not used. Due to flatulence, a person feels restlessness and Nervousness This is starting to happen until. People often complain of having a bloated stomach due to excessive food consumption. In such a situation, carefully chew a few carom seeds with rock salt. After that, drink lukewarm water. This will provide quick relief from gas in the stomach.




use lukewarm water


hot We use water for many things but it can be very beneficial in cases of stomach swelling or flatulence. If you feel heaviness or bloating in your stomach, you can remedy it with hot or lukewarm water.






Fennel seeds have antimicrobial properties, due to which they have the ability to relieve stomach upset, gas burns and flatulence. digest it System By removing muscle stiffness, it cures stomach bloating.




white cheese


Curd contains bacteria, thanks to which the digestive system always remains in good condition and food is also digested. Consuming curd in summer does not cause gas problems and does not cause bloating.




hot lemon water


In most cases, the main cause of flatulence is gas formation. To remedy this, you can drink warm lemon water, the gas will disappear quickly and the formation of gas in the stomach will also stop. .

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Potassium and iron Items like these are found in abundance. The potassium present in banana eliminates the amount of sodium. Body I do regular work. Which relieves problems like flatulence.




ginger tea after dinner


You should drink ginger tea without milk in the evening after eating. It is very beneficial for the stomach. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory elements that also reduce swelling.





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