Govt Initiates Cashless Treatment for Road Accident Victims

The Central government is initiating a pilot program aimed at offering cashless treatment to victims of road accidents with the goal of reducing fatalities caused by motor vehicle incidents. ()

The pilot programme, which has been developed under the aegis of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), is being initiated in Chandigarh and is aimed at establishing an ecosystem for providing timely medical care to the victims of road accidents, including during the ‘golden hour’.

The National Health Authority (NHA) will be the implementing agency for the pilot programme, in coordination with police, hospitals and the state Health Agency concerned.

Cashless Treatment for All Road Accident Victims

The broad contours of the pilot programme are that it will be applicable to all road accidents caused by the use of motor vehicles on any category of road, the AB PM-JAY packages for trauma and polytrauma cases being co-opted, and claims raised by hospitals for providing treatment will be reimbursed from the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund.

The programme will be implemented through an IT platform combining the functionalities of the eDAR application of the MoRTH and the Transaction Management System (TMS) of the NHA.

The expansion of the cashless treatment facility to the entire country will be considered based on the outcome of the pilot programme, the statement added.


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