Historic Leeds mill becomes home to firm creating products for positive mental health

LSW Londonwhich sells its own range of products, including diaries, cards and notebooks, in 20 countries around the world, will move its studio to the Sunny Bank Mills complex in Farsley, between leeds and bradford.

The company was founded in London by Lili Sinclair-Williams in 2017, but moved to yorkshire in 2020.

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Ms. Sinclair-Williams’ husband, Mark, joined the business in February 2021. She said: “The location of sunny bank mills in the center of Farsley is perfect for us.

Mark Sinclair-Williams (left) John Gaunt and Lili Sinclair-Williams at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley. Image: Giles Rochell.

“We moved to the area in June 2020 and the mill has been a real draw for us, with its variety of exciting restaurants, bars, cafes and other businesses. We have visited numerous times to enjoy all that SBM (Sunny Bank Mills) has to offer.

“We have experienced rapid growth in the last 18 months which has taken us from 30 stockists in the UK to over 600 stockists in 20 countries around the world.”

“Over the next three years, we will be expanding our team, significantly increasing our inventory levels and expanding our distribution network, and we see Sunny Bank Mills as the perfect location to make this happen.”

LSW London is moving into the newly renovated red rail mill.

Over the last 10 years Sunny Bank Mills, which is where Yorkshire Television’s Emmerdale and Heartbeat were once filmed, has been transformed into a modern office and leisure complex now employing 400 people.

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John Gaunt, Owner and Deputy General Manager of Sunny Bank Mills, said, “I am pleased to offer quality commercial space in the community, close to where people live.”

He added, “Our efforts are now firmly focused on renovating the remaining space at the iconic 1912 Mill with 14,000 square feet of quality office space across two floors available to allow for a variety of configurations.”

The company has released three new products per year for the past two years, with two more coming this year.

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