How to detect ADHD in children, what are its symptoms?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a condition that causes children to have difficulty concentrating and sitting still. This condition is very common, but it can be difficult to understand and recognize. It is important for parents to be careful to identify the symptoms of ADHD in children. Today we will know in simple language what the symptoms of ADHD are and how to identify it.

what is adhd disease
ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a problem in which children are unable to concentrate, sit quietly, and work without thinking. It is a neurobiological disorder. These children are very active and do not sit in one place. It affects their schoolwork, their relationships with friends, and their daily activities. Children can be helped by understanding this problem and getting timely treatment. These things should be kept in mind to detect ADHD in childhood. Know the main symptoms of ADHD.

attention deficit symptoms
This can be a problem when a child becomes distracted while doing homework or homework, doesn’t complete work, and doesn’t follow directions. He loses small things and encounters difficulties in his daily activities. Due to this, he faces problems in his studies and daily routine.

hyperactivity symptoms
The child always wants to walk or run and is not able to calmly participate in sports or activities. He often shakes or moves his arms and legs for no reason. This means he has trouble sitting still and is always active.

everything is in a hurry
The child speaks without thinking and answers the question before it is finished. He often interferes with other people’s conversations or games. This means he is unable to wait his turn and interrupts others.

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Know your solution
Teaching the child to concentrate properly, giving medication and positive encouragement helps treat ADHD. Daily exercise, good eating habits, and adequate sleep are also important. Support and advice from family and teachers are also important.

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