How to Get Fit Without Leaving Your Desk (Yes, Really!)

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A couple of weeks ago, I was doing my usual TikTok scroll when I saw a video of someone sharing their home office setup. She had what she called a “walking pad” also known as a folding treadmill under the desk. Not only did I immediately open Amazon to see if she needed one for me, but she also got me thinking: What kind of desktop exercise equipment is out there to help her get in shape while she works?

Turns out there are quite a few options. You can get a stationary bike desk, a standing desk, a balance ball chair, an under desk elliptical and much more. While it may sound a bit silly, these options are great for people who just don’t have enough time in the day to exercise or prefer to be on the go while they work. The pandemic has forced us to be sitting in our WFH setups for many more hours a day than we’d probably like, so these solutions for staying active on your desk are an ideal way to avoid the usual fatigue from sitting all day.

We searched the internet for the best ways to get fit without leaving your desk and found 12 amazing ways to do it:


treadmill under desk

Tiktok’s viral under-desk treadmill, also known as a “walking pad,” is really what sparked the idea for this entire article. This folding treadmill fits right under his desk so he can walk while he works. Your Apple Watch beeps and step targets won’t even know what hit them.

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adjustable standing desk

If you’re adding an under-desk treadmill, you’ll probably need to switch to a standing desk, and this relatively affordable option from Amazon is a great option. And even if you’re not opting for the treadmill, a standing desk can help you avoid sitting in a chair all day.


standing desk converter

Don’t really want to make the switch to a whole new desktop or do you want to save some money? This standing desk converter can sit directly on your existing desk. Plus, it comes in three finishes so you can match it to your home office decor.


elliptical under desk

If the walking pad isn’t for you, this under-desk elliptical is another option for getting in shape while you work. It slides right under your desk and you can use it while sitting, so you don’t need to change your desk settings. Also, this option saves you some space.


All-in-one desk bike

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more easy on the eyes, this sleek and minimalist all-white desktop bike might be your perfect match. You can buy it with or without the desk, giving you the option to use it with your current desk or a standing desk.


Stationary Bike Acrylic Desk Tray

Our editors love this Peloton-compatible acrylic desk tray, which slides easily onto your stationary bike. This is great for getting some exercise while doing those busy work projects.

Obé x Bala

weighted bangles

One of the easiest and most subtle ways to get in shape at your desk is to add weighted bracelets to your ankles or wrists. You can fit in a series of quick arm lifts or do some under-desk leg raises while you work.

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balance ball chair

A balance ball chair is not only good for your posture, it can also help improve balance and build core strength. It is also said to keep the body and mind more active, which in turn increases productivity, energy, and focus.


balance cushion

If you’re not ready to commit to a balance ball chair, this cushion is a more subtle and affordable way to achieve the same results.

Obe Fitness

monthly subscription

Obé Fitness is our favorite way to exercise at any time of the day. Classes are fast and effective, making them perfect for taking advantage of your lunch hour or when you want to take a quick break (there are even classes that are only 10 minutes long!). And if you don’t have time to get away from your desk, there are also chair stretching classes.


Amazon Basics

Six Piece Yoga Set

If you have time to take a break from your desk for a quick workout or stretch, this editors favorite yoga set has you covered. The mat is thick and comfortable and rolls up easily so you can store it near your workspace. It also comes with blocks, towels, and a yoga strap, so you can take your practice to the next level.


hand weight set

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a long meeting with no camera and starting to feel restless? Channel that energy into a quick set of weightlifting reps with these lightweight dumbbells. It’s the perfect way to get toned arms without having to work too hard.

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