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Iron is one of the essential minerals for our body. It plays a very important role in keeping us healthy. If there is iron deficiency in a woman’s body, it affects many parts of the body. In this article we will tell you how to increase iron deficiency in women’s bodies. Due to iron deficiency, there is a deficiency of blood in the body and hemoglobin decreases. This can lead to a lack of oxygen in the body. It also has a detrimental effect on the health of the child during pregnancy.


Iron deficiency also causes fatigue and weakness. Often, iron deficiency occurs in the body due to poor eating habits, excessive diet, excessive bleeding during menstruation and pregnancy. In such a situation, certain symptoms begin to appear in the body, which if not ignored can aggravate your problems, let us know.



Remedies to increase iron deficiency in women’s body in Hindi



To compensate for an iron deficiency, it is generally recommended to eat beetroot in addition to spinach. It contains many nutrients including iron. It can be used in the form of salad or juice.



Eating jaggery in winter is considered very good for health. Additionally, it is also a good source of iron. If you are suffering from iron deficiency, definitely include jaggery in your diet. You can also use jaggery instead of sugar.



In case of iron deficiency, doctors often recommend eating spinach. In fact, spinach is a treasure trove of many nutrients, including iron. Spinach can be used both raw and cooked. Raw spinach is very tasty to eat in salad form. Spinach is considered a good source of fiber, calcium, vitamins A, B and beta-carotene.

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Pomegranate is also good for eliminating iron deficiency. Drinking pomegranate juice relieves diseases like anemia.



Anemia can be reduced with basil leaves. Eating basil leaves regularly increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body.


dried fruits and nuts

To overcome iron deficiency, you need to include nuts in your diet. You can eat dried fruits like dates, walnuts, almonds and raisins. Iron deficiency can be cured by drinking soaked raisins and their water on an empty stomach in the morning.


fruits and vegetables

To increase hemoglobin, you need to include green vegetables in your diet. Green vegetables are rich in iron. You should also include red colored fruits in your diet.



Amla is considered a superfood from a health point of view, it is found in abundance of many nutrients, including calcium, iron and vitamin C. In English, it is called Indian Gooseberry. Being a good source of iron, it is beneficial for anemic patients.



Iron Deficiency Symptoms in Women in Hindi



hair loss

Due to the lack of iron in the body, the hair weakens and begins to fall out. It is estimated that around 100 hairs fall out every day, but if your hair is falling out more than that and not coming back, it could also be due to an iron deficiency. These hairs only grow back when the body’s iron deficiency is compensated. What are the symptoms of iron deficiency and diseases caused by iron deficiency?


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shortness of breath

If you have trouble breathing after climbing stairs or doing work, it may be due to an iron deficiency in your body.



Iron deficiency is common in women, causing anemia. Iron deficiency symptoms are very common and should be taken into account.


pain in the legs

If you experience leg pain while sleeping at night, you may be suffering from an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency causes leg cramps and difficulty sleeping.


abnormal heart rhythm

If you feel like your heart is beating fast after working out, that’s a bad sign. Low hemoglobin and low oxygen have a detrimental effect on the heart.


irregular periods

When there is iron deficiency in a woman’s body, she also starts experiencing period-related problems. Menstruation in women begins to occur at unusual times.


have skin problems

Excessive dry skin or excessive oily skin are also symptoms of iron deficiency. Apart from this, the skin also starts becoming lifeless.



How is iron deficiency diagnosed? (How is iron deficiency diagnosed in Hindi)



To diagnose iron deficiency anemia, your doctor may perform tests to see:


  • shape and color of red blood cells


  • hematocrit


  • hemoglobin


  • ferritin


Other tests include:


  • endoscopy


  • colonoscopy


  • ultrasound



How is iron deficiency treated? (How is Iron Deficiency Treated in Hindi)


Your doctor may also recommend that you take iron supplements to treat iron deficiency anemia. Your doctor will also treat the underlying cause of your iron deficiency, if necessary. Your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter medications to correct an iron deficiency in your body.

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The doctor chooses the appropriate dosage depending on the woman’s state of health. If you want to undergo treatment for iron deficiency, you can visit our You can consult a doctor or you WhatsApp us (+91 9599004311) You can contact at. Apart from this, you can also send us an email at [email protected] regarding our services. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. We will treat you in the best hospital.

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