‘I am a fitness freak; have had my trainer shoo me out of the gym’: Rashmika Mandanna

After impressing the audience with his performance in the Telugu movie Pushpa, Rashmika Mandana is ready to make her mark in Bollywood with Majnu Mission Y Bye. In just five years, the actress has built a huge fan base for herself, which she says proves “[she is] doing something right.” But she is also quick to add that she is here to stay and that he is looking forward to the trip.

In an exclusive interaction with indianexpress.comthe 25-year-old actress talks about her short but extremely successful career, being a ‘fitness fanatic’the power of a smile and much more. Edited excerpts:

In a very short time, you have created a huge fan base, not only in the South but also in Bollywood. How would you describe the last five years?

I’ve been working alone for the last five years, so everything feels new. But I can see my family grow and I am grateful. I’m glad too, because this shows that I’m doing something right. And, well, I’m here for the long haul. So let’s see how it goes.

But, he has also opened up about fear of failure and anxiety. How do you deal with those emotions, especially when you’re associated with an industry that always puts you in the spotlight?

It’s never easy, right? But as an actor, this is something I have to live for. So while things may not be easy, it’s not always bad. There’s so much love and appreciation and so many things you can do like an actor. But yes, this experience helps you grow and mature as an individual.

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You also present yourself as someone who loves to experiment with fashion. How would you describe your personal style?

I would say that I am a mannequin of the hard work of my team. But I would like to describe my personal taste as comfort o’female bossHard to choose!

Being an actor also requires you to be at the top of the fitness game. What does your daily exercise routine consist of?

I am a fitness freak. I love working out almost to the point where I have to ask my trainer to kick me out of the gym, which has happened way too many times. I love giving shocks to my body; I love challenges. Also, I am aware of what I eat, that is what really shows.

The pandemic has taught everyone to take care of themselves. How did you make sure to strengthen your immunity and keep seasonal health issues at bay?

I am from Kodagu; my hometown is usually very cold. As such, it has been a childhood routine to keep me warm for drinking hot water and taking regular steam inhalation. I think I can say that a friend I have had since my childhood is Vicks VapoRub and I rely quite a bit on this little friend of mine, especially during the winter, to keep me healthy.

What has been your biggest lesson of confinement?

Me the biggest lesson of confinement It has been patience. Well, I like things to move very quickly. But during the lockdown, the entertainment industry was pretty slow and now I’m getting used to it.

Oh, you have often highlighted the importance of smiling on social media. Is there a story behind it that changes your perspective?

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My mother has always taught me to never shed tears in public, as she says no one has to see you cry. Maybe that’s what’s instilled in me subconsciously, and no matter how much pain I’m drenched in, I can never scream in public. But at the same time, since I was a little boy, I also promised myself make other people smile. A smile always comes from within, it’s like only when you smile at the world, the world will smile at you, and I believe in that.

Five things you never leave home without or always pack when you travel?

I would never travel without my phone to stay in touch with my family, money, identity documents, clothes, of course that would also include my skin care, sunglasses, shoes; and little friend, if I travel to cold places.

If he hadn’t been an actor, would he have been…?

I would probably be working with my father as a businesswoman, or maybe as a teacher.

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