If the child is not conceived, the doctor advises a follicular test, know what it is

Follicular study test : The problem of infertility has increased in the country in recent times. Many reasons are given for this. When a woman is unable to conceive even after trying for more than 12 months, it is considered an infertility problem. If its true cause is known, it can be easily treated. For this, doctors advise women to undergo a follicle test, which is very important for conceiving a child. Know what it is and how much it costs to do this test…

Why is the follicle test important?
According to gynecologists, the follicle test detects the size of follicles present in the ovary. There is a small sac in the ovarian follicle in which the egg forms. It is believed that when the size of the follicle becomes large, a woman may have difficulty conceiving a child.

What is the follicular study test
According to the doctor, the follicular study test is a type of ultrasound. In this, the size of the follicle present in the woman’s ovary is detected with the help of a machine. The doctor repeatedly checks the size of the woman’s follicles. It starts after the start of the menstrual cycle. According to the doctor, follicles are only formed at the start of a woman’s period. Little by little, their size increases. This happens until the follicular sac bursts and releases the egg. This egg is then trained for later conception. This usually happens 14 days after your period starts.

How big should the follicle be?
Doctors say that during the follicular study test, the test is completed on the same day when information about the rupture of the follicular sac, that is, bursting to release the egg, is detected. A follicle size of 18 to 25 ml is considered good for fertilization.

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Women who are unable to conceive a child should undergo this test. This shows whether eggs are produced from the follicle or not and how big they are. This helps a lot.

Follicular Study Test Cost
According to experts, the cost of follicular study test conducted by doctors at private hospitals ranges from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 if the child is not conceived. It is absolutely free in public hospitals.

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