If you are dieting, check your weight daily to know whether this method is correct or not.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, first learn how to weigh yourself correctly on the weight machine. A weight machine is often used to measure weight. Many times the same machine gives different measurements, which confuses people. Due to repeated measurement of weight with the machine, sometimes it seems that the machine is not working properly and sometimes it seems that the weight has increased due to too much consumption. If you also feel that during weighing you are not weighing correctly.

Don’t check your weight immediately after training

Weight should not be checked immediately after training because the correct weight cannot be known. We say this because due to excessive sweating, correct measurement is not possible when weighing.

When you skip exercise after continuously eating junk and sweets over the weekend and then measure your weight, the correct weight measurement is not obtained. Motivation begins to decrease due to weight gain. This can affect weight loss.

Do not check your weight during menstruation and constipation

Due to bloating and water retention during periods, weight measurement is not accurate. Gaining weight during constipation can lead to excess weight. In both situations, weight should never be measured.

What is the right time and method to check weight?

The most ideal time to check weight is in the morning. Weight should always be checked only after freshening up in the morning. The weight machine can only determine the correct weight when it is functioning properly. Once the machine fork is stable at zero, it gives the exact weight.

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