If you eat tomato with great interest, then definitely keep this thing in mind related to its seeds, you will be benefited.

Tomato Eating Tips: Most of the vegetables and pulses in the kitchen of us Indians are not prepared without tomato tempering and gravy. We all are crazy about tomatoes to such an extent that even if tomato vegetable is kept in the plate, we will eat tomatoes in salad too. That is, we like to eat raw and ripe tomatoes in every way. Even we have invented different types of recipes to eat green tomatoes. But while showering love on tomato, we forget that eating certain parts of it in excess can lead to health problems. Here’s what it’s all about…

Why shouldn’t tomato seeds be eaten?

  • Generally, it is advised to eat tomato by removing its seeds. It is said that tomato seeds are poisonous, although this is not true. Toxic alkaloid is found in its plant, which is naturally there to protect the plant from insects and mites. Means it is a part of the plant’s defense mechanism.
  • Tomato seeds are not harmful always and for everyone. Rather, some people have more problems by eating them, that too on eating them in excess. People who have acidity problem, they should eat less tomatoes. Or tomatoes should be eaten in limited quantity after removing the seeds.
  • People who are consuming lycopene in excess through other fruits and vegetables may also have problems eating tomatoes because excessive amounts of lycopene are harmful. Lycopene found in tomatoes is essential for the body, but everything is bad in excess.

Which parts of tomato should not be eaten?

Tomato seeds should not be eaten in excess, but at the same time the leaves of the tomato plant should not be eaten. By eating them, problems like vomiting, dizziness, headache can cause serious problems. Death is also possible in some cases.

Disadvantages of eating tomatoes in excess?

  • Tomato leaves should not be eaten, tomato seeds should not be eaten in excess and tomatoes should not be eaten in large quantities. Why is it so, know…
  • The nature of tomato is acid-enhancing. For this reason, eating them in excess can cause heartburn.
  • Tomatoes contain high amounts of malic and citric acid. That’s why by eating more tomatoes, more gastric acid starts forming in the stomach and digestive problems occur.
  • Eating tomatoes in excess can cause skin allergies like eczema or itching in some people. While some people may have problems like cough, continuous sneezing, swelling of the face, pain in the throat.

How to avoid tomato damage?

If you like to eat tomatoes then there is nothing wrong in it. But you should consume them in limited quantity every day. If you have eaten tomatoes in vegetable then do not drink tomato juice and soup on this day. If you are eating tomato in salad, then reduce or do not use it in lentils and vegetables. In this way, by consuming them in a balanced way, you can take its health benefits.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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