If you stay hungry for too long in summer, you will fall victim to these diseases, liver and kidney damage.

With prolonged hunger in summer, the risk of heat stroke increases significantly. According to a report published by the American Heart Association, if you eat at intervals of 8 hours a day, the risk of heart attack is very high. The risk of heart attack is doubled.

If you are hungry for a long time in summer, the bacteria in the stomach increases quickly. The risk of food poisoning and digestive problems is very high. Bacteria and viruses begin to multiply in summer. It affects the digestive system a lot.

It is extremely hot in North India

It is extremely hot these days in Delhi-Noida. In fact, people are in distress due to the heat wave that is hitting entire northern India. Being hungry for a long time this summer can be very harmful to your health. Because because of the heat, the body lacks water. Therefore, continue to eat and drink every few hours.

This will maintain energy in your body. Due to lack of water in the body, the risk of kidney-liver damage increases significantly. This causes the problem of kidney stones. The size of this stone may increase due to the heatwave.

Heart and lung diseases

When body temperature rises, the heart must exert more pressure to pump blood throughout the body. This is the reason why it has a detrimental effect on the heart.

The risk of an asthma attack also increases considerably due to the heatwave. If air quality deteriorates due to increased heatwaves, this has a direct impact on the lungs. Heat also has a detrimental effect on the stomach and digestion. The stomach becomes hot from the heat. In such a situation, special attention should be paid to diet.

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