In summer, if you start your morning by eating fruits, then stop today as it is harmful for the stomach.

Breakfast should be rich in nutrients. Therefore, what you eat for breakfast in the morning is very important. Most people start the morning by eating fruit. But the question arises whether eating fruits on an empty stomach is beneficial? But today we will tell you in detail which fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach and which should not be eaten?

There are certain fruits that you should not eat on an empty stomach, even by mistake. This is extremely detrimental to your health and stomach.

What fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach?

Sour fruits


Sour fruits should not be eaten at all on an empty stomach in the morning. Above all, you should avoid eating grapes. Citrus fruits contain a lot of acids. Its consumption can cause gas, acid, ulcers and stomach irritation. Orange or seasonal fruits should not be consumed. It contains citric acid which can cause a lot of harm if consumed on an empty stomach.

Disadvantages of eating banana on an empty stomach

Eating bananas is good for your health and full of nutrients. But you should avoid eating banana on an empty stomach as it can cause vomiting and restlessness.

Do not eat pineapple on an empty stomach

Pineapple on an empty stomach Eat as it is not good for the stomach. Pineapple is rich in vitamin C. This has a huge impact on digestion. But eating it on an empty stomach can cause indigestion.


Even though it is mango season, you should not eat mango on an empty stomach. stomach. Because eating mango on an empty stomach does a lot of harm. This can cause problems like bloating and indigestion. It also has a huge effect on digestion.

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You can eat these fruits on an empty stomach

Papaya should be consumed on an empty stomach. The morning. This has many advantages. Pomegranate and guava can also be comfortably consumed on an empty stomach, there is no problem with this. If you eat watermelon and melon, it can also be very beneficial for you.

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