Influencer sued over claims of bogus ‘health advice’

an american physical aptitude The influencer is being sued in a Texas court over allegations that she scammed clients and offered “bad health advice” to women with eating disorders.

Brittany Dawn Davis, who has more than 464,000 followers on Instagrambegan selling health and wellness packages in 2014 and launched her company Brittany Dawn Fitness LLC.

Davis is facing $1 million amid claims that he provided “cardio workouts and low-calorie macronutrient suggestions that would only be appropriate for someone who needed to lose weight, not gain it,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

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According to the lawsuit, Davis was contacted by at least 14 women with eating disorders, and each of the women reportedly asked the influencer for advice and help in getting back on their feet.

“Davis posted videos on YouTube explaining that he got over his [own] eating disorder through exercise and healthy eating,” the lawsuit states.

“In the same social media posts, she provided links to her fitness and nutrition plans. Consumers inferred from the videos and links to her website that the defendant had special training in addressing eating disorders.”

Davis has also reportedly promised to provide individualized fitness plans to clients who pay hundreds of dollars a month for his service.

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However, according to the lawsuit, “the online nutrition and fitness plans delivered were not individualized,” and Davis “also failed to provide the promised training and check-ins.”

The lawsuit claims that Davis sent customers generic messages such as “You’ve got this babe!” and “THAT’S MY GIRL. You’re killing it!”

She is also accused of charging “shipping fees” for digital products.

Davis’s alleged negligence was first discovered in 2019 when disgruntled customers came together in a Facebook group titled “Brittany Dawn’s Fitness Complaints.”

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In 2019, Davis posted a tearful apology on YouTube, saying there was “[made] mistakes…sorry.”

The influencer has since left the fitness industry and now posts on social media about religion after becoming a born-again Christian.

Davis has yet to publicly address the lawsuit, however a message on her Instagram bio reads, “let God make my mess my message.”

Anyone who needs support with eating disorders or body image issues can contact: Butterfly National Helpline at 1800 33 4673 (1800 ED HOPE)

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