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Hyderabad: Innomentes announces its partnership with SCIINV Biosciences introduce AMRx, an advanced technology powered by AI/ML digital diagnostic tool designed to combat the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (RAM). This innovative tool promises to revolutionize the detection and treatment of antibiotic resistant infections without the need for traditional cultures.

The World Health Organization has identified antimicrobial resistance as one of the top ten threats to global health. The alarming statistics underline the urgency of this issue: in 2019, antimicrobial resistance was responsible for approximately 1.2 million deaths worldwide. By 2050, deaths related to antimicrobial resistance could increase to 10 million a year. Every 45 seconds, a person succumbs to an antibiotic-resistant infection.

AMRx, developed by Innominds and SCIINV Biosciences, is an innovative culture-free companion diagnostic tool that uses AI/ML to predict urinary tract infections (UTIs) and determine antibiotic resistance patterns on a patient-by-patient basis. medical history. This patented technology represents a significant advance in the fight against RAM.

The diagnostic tool leverages the patient’s medical history to accurately predict urinary tract infections, identify causative organisms (Enterobacteriaceae), and determine antibiotic resistance or susceptibility patterns without the need for traditional cultures. By reducing unwarranted clinical investigations, AMRx saves valuable time, effort, and resources. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in resource-limited environments. It can be implemented as a clinical decision support tool, helping healthcare professionals to make appropriate empiric antibiotic prescriptions, thus improving the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment. The tool ensures early diagnosis and treatment of infections, significantly improving patient outcomes and reducing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Ravi Meduri, executive vice president of digital and IP solutions at Innominds, said: “Our partnership with SCIINV Biosciences and the development of AMRx marks an important step forward in our mission to combat antimicrobial resistance and improve patient care globally. “.

“Traditional methods are falling short in the race against the spread of antimicrobial resistance like a wildfire. It is imperative to take advantage advanced digital technologies (AI/ML/DL) to develop alternative diagnostic tools and therapeutic solutions. Innovative, easily scalable and rapidly deployable digital diagnostic tools and drug development platforms are of great importance. paramount importance at the age of devastating pandemics including silent antimicrobial resistance,” said Professor (Dr) Ranga Reddy Burri, Advisor, SCIINV Biosciences Ltd and President, Indian Academy of Infection Control.


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